Treatment Approach

At the beginning of the healing session I connect with the beauty of the person shining from the inside. From there, I begin to tune into their energy field, sensing potential energetic, physical or emotional imbalances. Such areas typically present symptoms of stagnant energies in the body.

Working with acupuncture needles or with essential oils is really an empathic interaction with the person’s emotional field. This mode of energetic communication tends to reveal the depth of what is otherwise inaccessible or does not have the verbal capacity to express itself.

I then arrange very small needles along the complex energetic grid of the body using one of the Esoteric Acupuncture protocols. Once the needles are in place, with consent of the person, I apply essential oils that are specific to emotional energies that are ready to be released.

The intention in my heart at that moment is to create a safe space in which stagnant energies can gradually rise to the surface and unburden the body so that life force can flow freely once again.

This work, coupled with the individual’s passion to become fully conscious, can restore the flow of energy in the body and therefore, the capacity for self-healing. There is a specific moment during the session when I feel the person coming back to their body – I feel their beautiful spirit, and they usually feel it also. At that point, I know I can leave the room for a while and let the self-restoring process unfold.